Understanding the Precept. The what?

 The Precept is a small amount of the Council Tax paid to the Parish Council by the District Council to enable it to carry it out its functions. This amount can be seen on the Council Tax statement. Each year the Parish Council sends a request to the District Council for an amount which it has identified in its budget as needed for the coming financial year’s business, this is the Precept. The Parish Council is restricted in the ways in which it can use this money, it cannot for instance invest or lend it. Some of the ways in which Quidenham Parish Council uses it are for grass cutting, maintenance of its assets, the Parish Clerk’s salary, insurance, grants to the Garnier Hall for repairs and in other ways not budgeted for but all of which are shown in its accounts. Some of these will include grants for village events and activities for example a village celebration or unforeseen repair to an asset.  The accounts are audited each year by an Internal  Auditor, someone independent of the Council  and can be subjected to a ‘spot’ check by the External Auditor,  in Quidenham’s case PKF Littlejohn of Canary Wharf  who have been appointed by the Government. There is a period of time each year which is advertised during which the accounts may be inspected by any one of the electorate on application to the Parish Clerk.

Documents for financial year ending 31 March 2021

Certificate of Exemption

Internal Audit Report

Accounting Statements

Notice of Public Rights


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