Chairmans Report 2020

Chairman’s Report 092020 (3)


Did you know this Historic and Beautiful Cart Lodge is under THREAT of being demolished?

Comments by 1st September 2020 please

Please let us know your thoughts on this ;

[email protected]

Demolition of Barn at Home Farm

Plan to demolish the ancient barn and cartshed at Home Farm, Quidenham.

Consultation document no. 3PL/2020/0828/F

Quidenham Parish Council have received news from Breckland District Council of a plan to demolish the beautiful old barn and cartshed at Home Farm, Quidenham.

At present the plan is at the consultation stage and the Council have asked for an extension of the time allowed for this in order to make residents of Quidenham Civil Parish aware of the proposed demolition and to allow time for comment.

If you wish to comment you can do so by accessing the Breckland District Council  website and entering the above planning number and clicking on ‘Search’. It’s not necessary to give any other information other than the planning number.

Please contact Kate Lloyd, the Quidenham Parish Clerk at  [email protected] if you have any queries.

Snetterton Recycling Centre to reopen

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